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With the resources that you have right now, what will you do to help yourself achieve your goals?

That was the question given to us during the Division Level Table Topics contest earlier. We were only given 1-2 minutes to answer the question so I tried to be as concise and direct to the point as possible. Let me share my answer.

“My advocacy in life is to be more involved in the community and to be able to help others, teachers and my colleagues, gain opportunities to do outreach, community involvement and professional development. By this, I am also able to create a positive change. That is my goal.

The question really is not about what I can do to achieve my goal but what have I done so far.

I am a member of the Junior Chamber International which gives me the opportunity to do outreach activities and community involvement and in return, I am able to improve myself in terms of interpersonal skills and leadership.

I also take part of the Google Educators Group community where we provide opportunities for teachers to learn from each other and conduct trainings/seminars for professional development.

Lastly, I am currently creating a group called Teachers Initiatives where our mission is to provide opportunities to stakeholders in the academe to experience what we do as agents of change through different advocacies and professional development opportunities.

I am just so blessed to have people around me who is supporting me with my cause  and that, I believe, is my great resource.”

HOW ABOUT YOU? What is your answer?



P.S. I did not win. The judges did not appreciate my answer and they emphasized that the answer must be about “YOU” and NOT ABOUT ANYBODY ELSE. 

But I strongly believe that my answer was ABOUT ME.




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