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D.E.A.R. or Drop Everything and Read is a time wherein teachers and pupils set aside other activities and just read. The goal of the D.E.A.R. program is to encourage silent reading wherein students have the freedom to choose the books they will read based on their ability and interest. It is not to sacrifice other tasks in the classroom and not used as an extra activity after a lesson.

While it is recommended that the pupils are the ones who will bring books in class, it is kind of difficult in the publics schools here in the Philippines because most of our students come from low-to-average income generating families. That is why, as a teacher, it takes initiative to provide and give this kind of opportunity to our students.

Good thing is that there is an existence of a Library Hub. The Library Hub is an innovative project of the Department of Education herein they build a library in the different districts in a city. This is where teachers from schools belonging to the district borrow books to be used in teaching. When I  had my first D.E.A.R. session this school year, I immediately thought of going to the library hub to borrow books (different titles), instead of asking my students to bring from their homes.













When I arrived in the classrooms (I teach 4 classes, by the way), I immediately placed the books in front. Good thing we have ledges on our boards so I somehow had a mini display of books. It got my students so excited that they began to talk to each other about what they would read first.

Upon the go signal, they immediately grab the books and started reading!













It was a joy to see!













I also asked  some pupils to share what they have read after our session!

This is just the first and the beginning of our D.E.A.R. sessions. I hope to have more sessions like this in the next weeks to come. If you have other ideas on how I can conduct the D.E.A.R., please feel free to leave a comment below. I would truly appreciate it!

If you also would like to LEND or DONATE a book for our next D.E.A.R. session, please send me an email at  I specifically need elementary appropriate books and reading materials. Thank you so much advance! <3 🙂


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