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In 2012, the Department of Education rolled out its DepEd email system. This allows workers, including teachers, in the Department to create a professional email account in this format []. For example, my DepEd mail is This is very nice, especially when communicating online because you will directly be identified as a DepEd employee.

Some of the teachers are asking me how is it different from a basic mail like Gmail. Well, the DepEd mail is a Gmail but comes with some advantages which basic Gmail users cannot enjoy. I have enjoyed the benefits since I created an account on 2014.

The first benefit is that you’ll be able to receive the freshest and latest news from DepEd since they send out newsletters from time to time. Only DepEd mails can receive these newsletters.

The second benefit for the DepEd mail is that it is required when accessing some resources from DepEd such as the LRMDS.  In LRMDS, you can create an account using a basic mail but the resources would be very limited. But if you access LRMDS using a DepEd mail, all of the resources can be downloaded such as the Curriculum Guides and Teaching Guides.

Lastly, my most favorite of all and the reason why I really created a DepEd mail is that the Google Drive storage is UNLIMITED. Now, I am able to backup my files without having to worry about storage and even risks such as viruses. I can even access the files in any of my devices.

If you are a DepEd employee like me, create your account to enjoy the benefits. You may create an account at 


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