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When you are looking through finance job postings for a new job, you need to consider more than whether or not you are qualified for the position. Even though it can be tempting to take the first opportunity you find, a business like Beacon Resources can use information you may have considered irrelevant to help you find a job that is the perfect match for your personality and skill set.

Going Beyond Your Resume

Employers are certainly interested in your qualifications and experience. You are concerned about pay and benefits. What you may not think about are the intangible benefits of company culture and potential industry growth. You may also be unaware that it can be your soft skills and personality traits that separate you from other applicants and make you uniquely qualified for a certain position.

Types of Valuable Information

When you work with a recruiting company, you expect to provide certain information about yourself. Because Beacon Resources is among the best accounting recruiting agencies Los Angeles offers, as they understand the importance of gathering multiple types of information.

1. Primary

You will need to provide Beacon Resources with the following information:

● Title of your general resume
● Name
● Best phone number
● Email address
● Type of position you’re interested in applying for
● Desired market area
● Copy of your current resume

This is the basic knowledge a recruiting company needs and usually it is the only information they will ask for.

2. Secondary

Since Beacon Resources wants to find you the perfect job and not just something to pay the bills, an executive recruiter will also be interested in your soft skills. These are personality traits and special abilities that may include:

● Communication skills
● Critical thinking skills
● Honesty
● Organizational skills
● Time management skills
● Multi-tasking abilities
● Friendly and approachable personality

Beacon resources will combine both types of information to connect you with a company that is able to provide the right work environment for your personality and specific skills. Visit the Beacon Resource website today to partner with an executive recruiter and find the best job for you.

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