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Last week, I was transferred to the Grade 4 Level and I was really excited to try new things with them. As you all know, if you are a regular here, one of my advocacies is technology. Right now, I’m also venturing into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Though I was assigned to teach English, I promised myself I would incorporate technology and STEM to my lessons. After all, we do encourage incorporation of different disciplines in education.

Since it was my first week in the Grade 4 level, I had to read the Teachers’ Guide and learned the lesson in Week 4. On the first day, the lesson started off with a story entitled Tower to the Moon. I was really glad I found a video of the story on Youtube. It was animated so the pupils were really focused as they listen to the story.

On the second day, we discussed the story which paved the way to a reading lesson on long /o/ sound. More on this in my next blog post.

The third day, after reviewing the lesson on the previous day, I let them draw their own tower and write/draw their dreams inside the tower. The session ended with a sharing of their tower of dreams. I was inspired by their sharing. Young as they are, they already know what they want to become and aspire in life.

The fourth day was really exciting for me because that time, I decided to incorporate a STEM activity to the lesson. The mechanics were just simple. I asked my pupils to build the tallest tower that won’t fall. This was a challenge because in the story Tower to the Moon, the main character, the king, fell from the tower made up of boxes. By only using straws and adhesive tapes, the pupils began to show their creativity, concept of balance, and calculation skills. This is basic engineering concept. I was really amazed of their outputs because they all show different kinds of towers, tall and sturdy ones.

I also get to learn a lesson from the experience. Never underestimate the capability of our pupils, no matter how young they are. I am excited to try some new experiments and incorporate STEM in my future lessons.


Fast forward to 2018, I am having the same lesson once again with another set of kids and instead of using straws for the Tower Challenge, we used papers (more sustainable and environment-friendly). The challenge was to create a sturdy tower, one of the highlights on the story we discussed. Here are some of their outputs:

Happy Teaching!

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