I have conducted several trainings and workshops to different schools and events in numerous cities in the Philippines. Below is the list of trainings (with descriptions). Should you wish to invite me to your schools and/or communities, feel free to leave a comment below with your email and let’s keep in touch.


1. Instructional Materials Development – This is a talk on how to address the lack of materials in the public schools. This inspires teachers on how to create instructional materials with very limited resources and time. This includes a mini-workshop.

2. The Teaching Profession – This is a LET review module that encompasses topics of the teaching profession such as the laws governing the profession, classroom management, behavior management, among others.

3. Mutisensory Reading Strategies – This module introduces the use of multisensory materials and tools in teaching reading.

4.Action Research – This is a step-by-step workshop on creating an Action Research Proposal. After the workshop, the participants already have an action research proposal.

For those who are doing Continuous Improvement projects and researches, there is also a module on using and relating Design Thinking to CI.

5. Teaching and Learning Resources – This is a seminar on teaching pedagogy and how it relates to the selection and use of teaching and learning resources. It also discusses TPCK and the SAMR Model of ICT Integration. The gist of this course presents a list of open educational resources and websites/links where teachers can find relevant teaching and learning materials.


1. Google Apps for Education – As a Google for Education Certified Innovator and Google Educators Group Community Leader, I am conducting seminar-workshop on the integration of the different tools and apps in the Google Apps for Education suite for teaching and learning.

2. Maximizing Google Drive – Under Google Apps for Education, this is a training on how to effectively use the Google Drive to increase productivity among teachers.

3. Digital Storytelling – As a Basic Education Research Fund (BERF)-funded researcher, I did an action research on Digital Storytelling. As an output of the research, I conduct seminars/workshops on this, which includes movie making and the use of Creative Commons.

4. Digital Citizenship – Because of technology, we are also now living in an online/virtual world where we get to communicate and form relationships with other people. Just like the physical world, we can also do a lot of things on the internet such as shopping, play games, etc. But just like in the physical world, there are also conflicts that can be encountered. That is why we all need to be digital citizens. This module is an interactive and workshop-based training on the basics of digital citizenship.


As a member and leader of the different school and non-government organizations, I am able to conduct the following leadership related trainings:

1.The Chair – The Chair is a dynamic and fun workshop on group dynamics, the importance of communication and collaboration and how to become an effective leader working with individuals with different personalities.

2. How to Document?– This is a seminar/talk on the process of documentation. This module talks about the necessary tools and activities needed in order to produce quality documents.

3. Shared Vision: The DNA of Leadership – This is a workshop on the importance of having a shared vision among members of an organization in order to successfully implement projects and programs.


1. Basics of Newswriting– This is a module for those who are starting to venture into newswriting. It introduces basic rules and guidelines.

2. Blogging and Vlogging 101 – This is a seminar on how to start blogging and vlogging. This includes tips on how draw audience, use of social media and content development.

3. Website Monetization and Google Adsense  -This is a workshop on how to monetize one’s own website using Google Adsense and other means. It includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to set-up these monetization schemes in the website.