Output of the Week: Addition through a Seascape Art Activity
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I started my lesson in Addition through incorporating an Art lesson. I  incorporated a lesson on addition by demonstrating how to make a seascape.The art lesson for this week is on “Painting a Seascape” but since painting is difficult for little children and painting materials were not available, I changed the mechanics. I had them use colored papers instead and created sea creatures from these papers.

Before they created their own, I demonstrated how to do it. This was where I showed the lesson on Addition. I had them count the sea creatures placed. For example, I placed 2 fishes and then added 2 starfishes. I wrote “2 + 2 =” on the board. Then, I ask the children to count all the creatures. The answer is 4 so I added it in the number sentence which I wrote earlier (2+2=4). I explained the concept of adding as I did my demonstration. While I was adding more and more creatures, the lesson on addition was further demonstrated.

At the end of the lesson, the students created their own Seascape. It was an “artsy” way to learn Addition. Sharing some outputs from the class below!


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