Teachers can be programmers. How?
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Hello, everyone!

It’s summer and it’s time to take a break from work but I’m still doing a lot of things. In fact, I already plotted my schedule of activities for the entire summer. There’s Summer Reading Camp and the School Research Congress which I will be organizing. One thing’s for sure though. I won’t miss the chance to build my network and grow professionally by attending professional development activities which rarely happens during the school year.

As you all know, I am into technology and ICT integration. Last year, I found this amazing tool which I can use to create interactive learning materials and projects. It’s called Scratch. It is basically a tool where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. What is nice about it is that it is very user-friendly, even elementary kids can play with it. It’s drag and drop mechanism is very simple, you don’t need to be a Computer Science or IT graduate in order to code or program.

Scratch Overview from ScratchEd on Vimeo.

I didn’t know then that there was an offline version of it so I really did not give so much time to learn the app.

However, when I was invited to take part of the first ever Scratch Ed Meet up for teachers in Cagayan de Oro (which is also the first Scratch Ed Meet up in the Philippines), I immediately confirmed my attendance. Who wouldn’t miss this rare chance to learn something awesome, right?

I also learned that there was an offline editor free for download so that really sparked my interest. During the meetup, we did a workshop where we get to explore the tool and I really enjoyed it. In fact, while I’m writing this down, I’m already thinking of what I will do for my first project. Watch the vlog below in order to see our outputs from the workshop.

And guess what, I will be embedding here in my website my Scratch projects soon so that you, teachers and students, can use them for learning! 


If you are also near Cagayan de Oro, we will be having another meetup soon. Stay tuned for details or like my facebook page for updates.


Happy teaching! 

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