Parts of the Face: Video and Worksheet
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Lesson: Parts of the Face

I just had my lesson on the “Parts of the Face” and I started it with a song through a video from the Muffin Songs in Youtube. I like how it introduced the parts of the face. It’s very catchy, simple and repetitive which makes it easier children to learn and memorize.

After the lesson, the children showed their understanding by creating a Face through a worksheet which I found in the internet. It is a cut-and-paste activity which does not only teach the lesson but also improves students’ eye-hand coordination. If you want a copy of the worksheet, you may comment your email below and I’ll send the worksheet as soon as possible.

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Disclaimer: The worksheet was found in the internet and is not originally created by this author. If you are the creator of this worksheet, thank you so much for this. It has helped the students learn the lesson better. Please send an email to should you wish to be acknowledged.

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