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Parents Play an Integral Role in Rocketship Education

The introduction of charter schools to areas where the public-school system is failing children has provided students and families with hope for the future. Families no longer have to settle for the one and only option that is provided to them, but now have the choice to enroll their children in independently run schools that can provide their students with more.

The Rocketship Education model is one such charter school model, and gives parents a more active role in the education decisions that are made for their children. Parent interaction and choice has been shown to make a huge difference in Rocketship Education schools, not only in building the relationships between parents, children, and students, but in ensuring that educators really connect to students.

Rocketship Education is dedicated to building charter schools that provide a quality education to children, no matter what their socioeconomic status. Vastly different from other schools, and even other charter schools, Rocketship gives parents a part in their children’s education. The charter school knows that they are accountable to both students and their parents, so providing this choice to both pick the school as well as the educators is important but integral to their system.

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