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Just this morning, a teacher was stabbed by a student right in their classroom with classmates having to witness such horrifying event. And even if this is a rare, horrible case happened to where I live, there are already some similar cases which happened in different parts of the world such as this case of a math teacher, a case in Bradford, and what happened to Ann Maguire. The questions for each of these cases would always include: What did the teacher do to provoke the student from doing such thing? 

That question is difficult to answer because we don’t know the context of what happened to these unfortunate stories. But as a teacher, it’s making me ask myself and I know other teachers would reflect as well as to:

Where do we stop from crossing the line in terms of our relationship with our students? Because sometimes, we tend to play the roles of parents when in fact, we must only be in loco parentis.

How do we reach out to our students in a way that we don’t cross the barrier that they themselves set? Because sometimes, what we want our students to become is not what they aspire to be. Because we want them to succeed but they have other things in mind.

When do we say to ourselves, “stop” and mind our own business? Because sometimes, we get too personal with our students.

How do we know that we have already exaggerated our roles? 

I believe that every teacher in the world, whether new or veteran, only have the purest intentions to his or her students.  We may have different ways and manners as to how we show our love and care but one thing is for sure, we have dedicated our entire lives to guide the students because we know that they are our hope for the future.

I think it is unfair to ask us what have we done every time a mishap happens because as teachers, we have too many roles to play and we are already doing so much, sometimes, going beyond what we can actually do.

I believe that it is now a time to rethink and revisit the roles that we need to play as teachers and think about the boundaries that we should not cross or else, we’ll suffer the consequences. I am not saying, we downgrade roles but I truly insist that we should also take care of ourselves. How can we make a significant influence in the lives of more students when we become a casualty of such horrible incident?




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