More DIY Learning Materials made from Scrap + Involving Parents
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Hello, everyone! If you have been reading my previous blog posts, you will know that I have been sharing some DIY projects on learning materials made from scrap. My 1st DIY project was what I called the Ultimate Reading Board while my 2nd project was using used egg trays to teach reading.

On this post, I’ll be sharing to you some reading materials which were created by the parents of my pupils. These were their outputs after they attended the Reading Intervention Seminar in our school. Involving parents


Involving parents in the making of instructional materials make it easier for us teachers and at the same time, parents will also have an idea on what they can do at home to enrich their children with learning. It’s basically a good home-school partnership. So here were the materials they created with my guidance and instruction.

  1. Sight Words Paper Plate– Made from used paper plates, this material can be used to teach children to read words in CVC. Simply rotate the paper plate in front and initial sounds will be revealed. Let the child read the entire word.


2. Race To Read– made from used plastic bottles and straws, there are many things that you can do with it. For example, you can have children race by groups on which group can form words by putting the flags (with letters) to the bottles. Another idea is to place rolled out papers with words inside the bottles. The pupil will shake the bottle, then get one paper from it and read the word written on the paper. Be creative! There’s so much you can do.


3. The Alphabet Board – This is made from used milk carton, plastic wrappers, and cartolina. The letters can be used to teach phonics while below it is a space to teach CVC. Simply put a “family” inside the plastic wrap (for example, -at) and let pupils read the entire word.


I’m very happy for these outputs made by the parents. I was able to use them in class and will continue to explore its uses.

Happy Teaching!

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