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Lesson Ideas to teach Compound Words

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Last week, my lesson in English is on Compound Words. Over the weekend, I was thinking of an activity which I can do in class to review the lesson on Monday. I found this free downloadable set of word cards from Teachers Pay Teachers and an idea came up! So, I downloaded and prepared the word cards. Each set has six words and I glued each set in different colors of construction paper to distinguish each set from the rest. 

Then, I came up with two activities which you can also do in your class.


1.Group the pupils. Let them choose a leader. The leaders play “Paper, sticks, stones”. The leader who wins will choose the color of the set of cards they would be working on.

2. Upon the go signal, the groups began working on the word cards.

3. In 1 minute, the groups will write as many compound words as they can on the board by combining the words from the set they have chosen.

4. Each word card in the set has a corresponding point. The score of the group will be totaled by adding the points from the words that were used. The group with the highest score wins the game!


1.Put the words cards from each set on the table faced-down.

2. A representative from each group (Say, from Group 1 and 2) will proceed to the table. They will play against each other.

3. Each player will choose two cards and they will read the words written in the two cards.

4. If a compound word can be formed from the two cards, the group will be scored based on the points written on each card. If a compound word is not formed, they will put the two cards back on the table and choose another set of cards until such time that a player can already form a compound word. The group with the highest score wins!

Happy Teaching!

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