Lesson Idea: Teaching Action Words (with Video)
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What better way to teach Action Verbs than letting the pupils do it themselves? After letting the pupils read the action words, I called some pupils to act the words in front. Not only they like and enjoy the activity as they see their classmates perform, I, as the teacher, also get to learn some talented pupils in my class.










After learning some action words, I let them learn a new action song. The lyrics are as follows:

How about you? (3x)

What can you do?

Jump, I can jump. (2x)

Jump (7x), I can jump.

Swim, I can swim. (2x)

Swim (7x), I can swim.

Ride a bike, I can ride a bike.

Ride (7x), Ride a bike.

How about you? (3x)

What can you do?

Read, I can read (2x)

Read (7x), I can read.

Play guitar, I can play guitar. (2x)

Play (7x), Play guitar.

Sing a song, I can sing a song (2x).

Sing (7x), Sing a song.


How about you? (3x)

What can you do? 

After learning the action song, let them watch this video and let the pupils follow.

My pupils enjoyed it and I’m sure your pupils will enjoy it too! I will upload and share on my facebook page a video of my class as they watched and danced to the Youtube video by Dream English Kids.

Happy Teaching!

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Note: No harm was done to the children during the conduct of the activity. Photos were taken with parents’ consent and with permission that these will be posted on the blog for the sole purpose of sharing instructional strategies and materials. Should there any be issue or concern regarding any of the photos, thepublicschoolteacher.com is willing to remove the photo/s.

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