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Over the weekend, I was thinking of another strategy to use in teaching new vocabulary words to my pupils… something that is interesting and fun! Then, I remember when I was still in Elementary, my English teacher used the classic “Hangman” game to teach us new words. So, I decided to try it too. If you are curious on how it’s done, follow the procedure below.

  • Divide the class into groups.
  • Instruct the students that they are going to guess the word. Write blanks on the board corresponding the number of letters for each word. You may give a clue such as the meaning of the word or provide some of the letters of the word.









  • Have the groups take turns in selecting a letter from the alphabet.

  • If the letter is contained in the word, write the letter in the blank. If not, draw a portion of the hangman (e.g. head, hand)

  • The game continues until either the word is guessed (the group who guessed the word correctly gets a point) or all of the parts of the hangman are displayed (this does not give any point to the groups).

  • The group with the most number of points wins the game!

Additional Activity:

After discovering the words, show some pictures and let the pupils match the picture to the word.

You may also do a Total Physical Response activity which I will be writing about on my next blog post.


Happy Teaching!

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