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One of the things that we teach in class, especially for younger pupils like mine, is Following Directions. This is one skill that pupils need to learn in order to do activities effectively in class. What better way to do this? I let them sing and dance!

I am so glad that I found a song (video) on Youtube uploaded by Harry Kindergarten Music that is aimed to teach children how to follow directions.

The song can also be used to teach Action Words or Verbs.

(For more lesson ideas on Action Words, click here.)

For the meantime, here are my pupils singing and dancing to a Following Directions Action Song.

Happy Teaching!

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Note: No harm was done to the children during the conduct of the activity. Photos/videos were taken with parents’ consent and with permission that these will be posted on the blog for the sole purpose of sharing instructional strategies and materials. Should there any be issue or concern regarding any of the photos/videos, is willing to remove the material/s.


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