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Teaching reading to kids is a complex and challenging task for teachers. There are a lot of strategies one can use to teach reading and it is important to have diverse methods because, in reality, no one strategy fits all. Below are some of the things you can do in class to foster reading. I did the activities below in one session but you can create your own schedule and plot the activities according to the needs of your pupils.

Modified Gallery Walk

Spread some pictures around the classroom. Ask the pupils to find the pictures. You may hide some under their chairs or tables. Let them categorize the photos depending on your lesson. In my lesson below, I let them categorize the photos through the beginning sound of their names.



Interactive Storytelling

Begin by telling a story. Engage the pupils by letting them show the objects that are found/ part of the story (see 2nd photo below).

Guessing Game

Introduce new words or vocabulary through a guessing game. Let them identify the words by giving some clues.

Use of ICT

You may use videos and digital stories, as well as songs and dances. A lot of videos from Youtube and other learning websites are now available for use. It just really takes patience to find relevant ones for your pupils.

Happy Teaching!

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