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I am a teacher and sometimes, I hate it.

I hate that in this profession, I still have to study and learn more. I hate going back to school for a higher degree, read about teaching, do research, and solve problems. But I also hate naivety and procrastination. I hate being in the dark and be in a state of tabularasa. How do we pour knowledge to others if our own cup is empty? Teaching requires aptitude. That is why, I choose to learn, read, and challenge my mind. I choose to be COMPETENT.

I detest waking up early in the morning to attend a 6 AM class and sleeping late at night to finish some paperwork. I hate spending my weekends preparing for my lessons or be in school for an extra-curricular activity. But I also hate being late, not being able to submit requirements on time and accomplish things we need to do. The teaching profession is one rigorous task. I choose to comply, manage my time well, and serve to the best of my abilities. I choose to be DEDICATED.

I abhor seeing pupils not doing well in class and feeling hopeless about their situation. I hate pleasing others and becoming an underdog.  But I also hate not being able to work harmoniously with my colleagues and not seeing improvement in my pupils’ performance. Our profession enables us to influence and inspire other people’s lives. How can we do that if we spend time thinking about negativity?  I choose to cooperate and help.  I choose to care. I choose to be OPTIMISTIC.

We may hate some things about being a teacher, but we always have a choice… and that choice will always make a difference.

I am a teacher and I choose to love.

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Note: This was an Essay for the World Teacher’s Day Celebration last year (2018). It won 1st place in the Essay Writing Competition of the East I District of the Department of Education – Division of Cagayan de Oro.

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