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It’s Science Month, once again! This year’s theme is “Earth Beat: Excavating the Abyss, Pulsing the Current, Steering the Youth as Stewards of Sustainable Development.”

I know the theme is kind of deep and because it’s a tradition that we conduct some different school activities and contests to our pupils such as poster making competition, we need to let them understand what it is all about. In fact, we, as teachers, need to know more about it as well.

I’m very much familiar about the Sustainable Development Goals, or simply known as the Global Goals because I am a member of an organization which actively took part in the My World Survey in 2015. However, when it comes to teaching it, I did not have the resources. I searched for some resources on the internet and I’m really glad that I found this very comprehensive website complete with videos, booklets and even comics that teaches everything about Sustainable Development. What is also nice about the resources is that it is very kid-friendly. I am talking about the World’s Largest Lesson.

In my class, I started with showing two animated videos from the site. Click here and here to see the videos. You can also search for it on Youtube. Just type the same titles. It sparked curiosity among my pupils since they began asking questions after watching the videos such as “Tinuod jud lugar na nahitabo, Ma’am? (Did that really happened, Ma’am) and “Unsa diay mahitabo? (What will happen?)”.

Then, I discussed the 17 Global Goals. I also introduced to them the Teaspoons of Change which suggests some activities every human being can do to help achieve the goals.

Then, they played the Global Goals Bingo wherein they match the Teaspoons of Change to the Global Goal it can achieve.

After the discussion and introduction of Teaspoons of Change, I let them draw what they can do to help achieve the goals. I’ll blog more about this in my next post since I want to write a reflection about my pupils’ outputs.

There are also a lot of other resources you can find here to introduce the Global Goals.

You may also download and print Certificates here that you can give to your pupils.



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