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I’ve had some queries on my Facebook page on how to renew PRC license. So, I decided to post the steps here.

  1. Bring the following requirements:

Expired or to be expired PRC license

1 photocopy of the PRC license (front and back)

2 passport size colored picture in white background, with name completely spelled out including middle name (Format: Family Name, First Name, Middle Name)

P450 payment for renewal fee

Ballpen and glue

2. Fill-in the renewal form. You may get this form from the guard/officer of the day. Paste 1 picture in the form.

3. Submit the requirements (1 photocopy of PRC license, renewal form, 1 passport size picture) to the Renewal Processing Window. The Processing usually happens on Window 4. Wait for your name to be called.

4. Proceed to the cashier to pay the renewal fee. You will then receive a claim stub to which you will keep and present when you get your PRC license. It usually takes about 3 months.


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