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To let the students realize that they are special because Jesus loves them and that they are fruits of His love.



1. Start the class with a prayer through the song “Jesus loves me”. (See video below)

2. After the prayer, ask the students “Would you believe that you are special?”

3. Say: “You are special because God loves you.”

4. Distribute pictures (black and white) of fruits to the students. Have them write their name in the fruit and color it.

5. Show a picture of a big tree. After coloring the fruit, they are going to paste the fruit to the tree.

6. Once everybody is done in pasting their fruit to the tree, Say: “This tree is like God/Jesus and you are the fruits. Because of God’s love to all of us, we are born and we become alive. Just like the fruit that came from a tree, we/you came from God.”





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