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Hello everyone! On October 5, 2015 is the World Teacher’s Day and this morning, our school community  had a Teacher’s Tribute where students get to greet their teachers and give them simple gifts like Thank-You letters, flowers, and chocolates.


It was a very special day for all of  us and because I was inspired, I have written a simple poem about what happens in an early morning for a teacher. I don’t know if all of you can relate but here it goes.

Early Mornings

The sun shines, it says hello.

And I stood up for this another day.

I wanted to stay for a while.

But the sun pushes me to go.

The early morning rides

Is quicker than it seems.

Every minute is a second that passes by.

And I chase it.

The water flows and it is cold.

My body couldn’t bear it but I endure.

Nothing beats the feeling of the cold breeze

Meeting my shivering flesh.

I go out and the reality bites me

that early mornings are part of my destiny.

The sun, the water and the time that passes by

Will haunt me forever.


Happy World Teacher’s Day in advance!

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