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If you are/will be introducing Reality and Fantasy, you may use this powerpoint which I created to teach the lesson to my pupils. The powerpoint includes an interactive game. Once you’re done downloading the presentation, read the instructions below to be guided on how to use the presentation.

Slides 5 -9: Vocabulary words that can be found in the story.

Slides 10-11: A video of the story which I got from Youtube. What I like about the video is that there are some pauses as the story goes, so you can ask some noting details questions throughout the story.

Slides 13 – 21: Discussion on Reality and Fantasy with some examples

Slides 22-23: Interactive Game about Reality and Fantasy. Just read the notes below each slide for the instructions. You may also modify. Be creative!

Slides 41-45:  Further discussion about the topic


Optional activity: 

Watch a realistic or a fantasy movie. In my case, we watched the Spiderman! 🙂





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