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Noting Details is a skill very much needed for reading comprehension. That is why this is being taught repeatedly. Every time a story is introduced or being taught in class, noting details will come right after. To note details begins with answering simple WH questions (who, what, when, where, why).

Recently, I created an interactive Powerpoint presentation (which you will find at the bottom of this post) which I used to review/teach the concept. I used the story “Lion’s Bad Breath”. If you are a Grade 4 teacher in the Philippines, this story is similar to the story in the English Learning Material.

After listening to the story, we played a very interactive game called DEAL OR NO DEAL based from the popular reality TV show.

The mechanics of the game is as follows:

  • The class will listen to the story.
  • After reading, they will be grouped into two teams.
  • The teacher will choose a name (team member) from a box or tambiolo.
  • The team member will choose a bag from the Powerpoint Presentation.
  • The host/teacher will ask the group mates. Deal or no deal?
  • If “deal”, the team member will then click the chosen bag.
  • Each bag can either contain a corresponding point or BOKYA. If the team member will be able to get the BOKYA, he/she will not be allowed to answer the question.
  • If the team member will get the bag with a corresponding point, he/she will need to answer the question correctly so that the group will get the point. If not, the other group can “steal” and answer the question.
  • After all the questions on the board have been answered correctly, the team with highest scores win.

Download the interactive Powerpoint Presentation here

Note: You may use a different story. Just change the questions and texts based on the story that you will use for the lesson. Do not change the animations of the powerpoint presentations as this will affect the interactivity of the presentation. Do not add slides as well if you are not familiar with how to create animations/transitions in Powerpoint. 


Happy Teaching!

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