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Creating my own worksheets are time-consuming for me so sometimes, I make use of what is available from the internet. It is very easy nowadays since a lot of people are already sharing their resources online (just like this blog!). Though looking for relevant and appropriate worksheets can be challenging sometimes, it really just takes a sense of idea and a dose of creativity to use a particular worksheet for a variety of ways and for different lessons.

For example, one of the lessons in English I has this week is on how to Alphabetize and one of the stories indicated in our Teachers’ Guide was a story about a market. So, to align my activity to the story, I looked for worksheets that have the theme and can also be used to teach the lesson. I came across with this black and white image from Pinterest which was uploaded by I used the names of the vegetables to teach my pupils how to alphabetize. I started with “Beans” and “Eggplant” and I added the rest of the names of the vegetables one by one.

But…not only that! I also discovered some other lessons that can be taught using the worksheet!

  1. Alphabetize (Let me reiterate this! 🙂 ) – Teach the pupils how to alphabetize using the names of the vegetables.
  2. Spelling – Let the pupils spell the words of the vegetables.
  3. Colors – Let the pupils identify the colors of the vegetables. Let the pupils color the vegetables appropriately.
  4. Numbers  – Use the vegetables to teach counting. You may also teach comparing numbers, one-to-one correspondence and addition.
  5. Nutrition – Integrate the importance of eating vegetables.

Happy Teaching!

Do you have more ideas to share? Feel free to comment below or share here.

I will be posting more worksheet ideas soon as I discover more! For the meantime, check the following links below for some educational worksheets for your kids/pupils or search “Worksheet” at the search bar on the right side of this page.

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