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Teaching reading to little children is one of the challenging roles I have as a teacher. Teaching C-V-C is also complex, that is why we need to give different activities to help children read the words. One of the strategy is through Rhyming, grouping together words having the same ending sound/syllable. I found this worksheet online which I used to reinforce learning. It’s very easy that even those who were having a hard time learning how to read were able to answer. It’s very enjoyable too. The worksheet allows a pupil to  cut ice cream scoops and match them to the cones making sure that all the words rhyme. And when the pupils passed their answers, I let them read the words one by one. So, it’s basically a two-in-one activity.

Enjoy! If you also have any other ideas to teach the lesson, please feel free to shoot me an email at and I would be glad to published it here. Let’s work together!


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