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One of the things I love teaching to my kids in class is Art because I love it when I see them unleash their creativity and artistic ability. These are just two of my art activities in class, namely, Crayon Resist and Crayon Etching.

I have collected some of the resources I use to teach Crayon Resist and Etching and I’m posting it here for your easy reference. Feel free to go through all the links. All credits goes to the owner of the blog posts.

Crayon Resist

How to Make Crayon Resist Art

Water Color Resist with Crayons

Simple Flower Crayon Resist

Halloween Theme Crayon Resist

Crayon Resist Background

Crayon Etching

How to Make Crayon Etching

Crayon Etching

Lesson Plan on Crayon Etching

KinderArt Crayon Etching

Halloween Crayon Etching


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    1. that’s good to hear. you may also send us a copy of your student’s artwork so that we can publish them here.

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