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Hello, everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post and I wasn’t able to blog in the last few weeks since I got so busy with paperwork especially that we just recently concluded our First Grading Examinations.

One of the many things that kept me busy these days is the integration of the Colega Manual in our lessons. Colega Manual came from the Geneva Office for Human Rights and it teaches Human Rights to children. The Department of Education  – Division of Cagayan de Oro is one of the pilot divisions in the Philippines to use the manual in our classes. What we do is integrate the lessons in the Colega Manual to the lessons in our Edukasyon sa Pagpakatao (Values Education) subject. Our challenge is that we were only given few copies of the manual and that means, one Grade level will share one manual. This kept me busy since I was assigned to create powerpoint presentations for the lessons and by doing so,  it makes it more easy and economical for teachers to teach the lessons.

So, if you are one of the teachers who is looking for a resource to teach the Colega Manual, you may download freely the Powerpoint Presentations I created below. I will be making the rest of the lessons in the few weeks to come, so save the link to this blogpost so you can easily come back anytime and download the rest of the lessons.

Colega Manual Lesson 1 – Born Free

Colega Manual Lesson 2 – I Have Rights

Colega Manual Lesson 3 – I’ll Walk With You

Colega Manual Lessons 4 – Family, A Beautiful Thing

Colega Manual Lesson 5 – Love At Home

Colega Manual Lesson 6 – I Can Choose

Colega Manual Lesson 7 – Words Make a Difference

Colega Manual Lesson 8 – My Right To Be Me

Colega Manual Lesson 9 – Child Labor Just Not Fair

Colega Manual Lesson 10– I Get to Go To School

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