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This school year is super-duper hectic for me. I did two school-based action researches and a thesis for my Master’s Degree. You can just imagine how I was able to complete them in between my full-time work as a teacher. But if you’re asking why I tried to “kill myself” with all these paperwork, I never really intended to write two action research papers. Last year in April 2016, I submitted an Action Research proposal to my school as part of the documents needed for our Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) because honestly, at that time, I wanted to get an Outstanding rating. I said to myself, I cannot afford to have zero rating for action research if I’m aiming for the top rating. So, I submitted and I did not think much about it after.

Fast forward to May 2016, I was assigned by our school to be the School Research Coordinator, therefore, I had to attend series of training in June. I attended the Continuous Improvement Based (CI-Based) Action Research Training and a little bit of the KUMILOS Action Research Framework. In this training, we were challenged by our Division Research Coordinator, Dr. Joel Potane, to create our own CI-based Action Research. Because I am the type of person who doesn’t say no to challenges (well, most of the time), I immediately thought about it… and start writing. I will be writing more about my CI-based Action Research soon but it was about using technology in teaching math and you may take a glimpse of it in one of my blog posts.

But that’s not only it. Remember the action research I submitted for my IPCRF (you may read again the first paragraph)? I was already done with my CI-based action research proposal when I got a news that, my action research proposal which I submitted for my IPCRF was actually accepted for the Basic Education Research Fund. At first, I really had no idea what that was until we had an orientation about it. My Action Research for the Basic Education Research Fund was on Digital Storytelling and you may actually download the Digital Storytelling Guide which I created for the Action Research.

Yes, it’s true! Basic Education Research Fund is true. You may get funding for your researches, whether it’s a descriptive type or an action research. Many are actually asking me about the format, so I’m posting it down below so you may be guided on how to go about it.

As per Deped Order 16, Series of 2017, here are the formats:

Basic Researches:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgment
  • Introduction of the Research
  • Literature Review
  • Research Questions
  • Scope and Limitation
  • Research Methodology
  • Sampling
  • Data Collection
  • Discussion of Results and Recommendations
  • Dissemination and Advocacy Plans
  • References
  • Financial Report

Action Researches

Title Page

  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgment
  • Context and Rationale
  • Innovation, Intervention, and Strategy
  • Action Research Questions
  • Action Research Methods
  • Participants and/or other Sources of Data and Information
  • Data Gathering Methods
  • Discussion of Results and Reflection
  • Action Plan
  • References
  • Financial Report
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