A letter to the parents of every student
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Dear Parents of every student,

I hope you remember that before a child goes to school, he or she learns almost everything at home first. The first few crucial years of the child is spent with you and that makes you the first teachers of your child. Whatever you taught them will make a significant impact as to how they perceive themselves, how they interact with people, and how they see the world.


I hope you understand that whatever grade or score your child gets is a reflection of their learning but it does not necessarily mean that you’re child hasn’t learned anything. Please don’t call your child “dumb” and the teacher “dumber” if you see a very low score. Ask yourself, your child, and the teacher this: What went wrong? How is my child performing in class? How can I help my child? How can we work together to give the best education for my child? It does not hurt to ask and it’s simply the first stepping stone to success.


Be a role model to your children too. Please don’t expect your kids to behave well by just telling them what and what not to do. In school, we teach them good manners and right conduct but if these are not applied when they’re outside the school, it is still useless. I hope that what is being taught to them in school, they can also observe or experience at home.


We are sorry for our imperfections. There are times when we commit mistakes, lose our patience, and be angry. If you felt we have offended you and your child, please come to us and strike a conversation. Give us the chance to explain our side and tell you what really happened.


Don’t bully us because we don’t do that to you either. There are times when we wanted to tell you it’s your fault that your kid is like this or like that but we never say that to you frankly. We always euphemize and we tell you things in a subtle way because we don’t want to hurt you and your child’s feelings. I hope you will do the same thing. After all, we only both want what’s best for our children.


We love your child because we are the 2nd parents. We love your child so much that we want them to be the best that they can be. We love your child so much that we want them to behave accordingly. We love your child because we want them to make you proud.

Stop blaming us. Let us work hand in hand instead.





There was a time when a parent of my student approached me and raised her concern about a test item. It was fine with me because I was already used to parent-teacher conferences. But that time, it was different because the parent was raising her voice (almost shouting) while talking. The parent was complaining, blaming me and pointing out my mistakes one by one. I was in awe and I became speechless. I almost wanted to cry and just tried my best to maintain my composure. In the end, we never settled anything because the parent did not even dared to listen. 

I hope you get my point.


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