5 Mobile Apps to Teach Basic Math Skills
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Because of my advocacy in integrating technology in teaching and learning, I did a Continuous Improvement-Based Action Research Project entitled “The Use of Technology in Teaching Basic Math Skills to Pupils at Risk”. The research project won 3rd place in the Division Research Congress and I will be posting soon the details of the results of my research.

One of the things I introduced is Mobile Technology, specifically by using educational apps. I have carefully chosen the apps that I use and I have chosen mostly those which are interactive by nature, multi-sensory and easy to navigate. There are a lot of educational apps for teaching math skills which can be downloaded for free and some with a very affordable fee. All you have to do is explore the Play Store or App Store.

To start, I’ll be sharing you 5 of my favorite apps which I have used for teaching math, especially for those who are at risk. If you are using mobile, you may click the name of the app to explore and download.

Animal Math Games




  • Useful for teaching counting, number recognition, addition, subtraction, categories and geometry
  • The interface is child-friendly, simple and friendly to the eyes.
  • Uses cute characters and well-coordinated colors
  • Very interactive
  • Self-correcting and provides direct feedback

Splash Math


  • Useful for teaching mastery especially in the different basic math operations.
  • Lessons are grouped according to Grade level
  • Interactive, self-correcting, self-paced

123 Kids Fun


  • Useful for teaching numbers 1-10.
  • Introduces math concepts through play and race
  • If you are looking for a math app that can teach how to write numbers, this is one I recommend.

My First Numbers Counting Game


  • Uses the concrete-pictorial-abstract method
  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Uses big pictures
  • If you are looking for a math app that can teach how to count using the fingers, this is one I recommend.

Preschool All in One!


  • Useful for teaching eye-hand coordination, matching and sequencing skills
  • self-correcting, interactive

That’s it! I’ll be sharing more on my next posts. I hope this helps!

By the way, there is also one app that is not really math-related but can be used to teach math concepts by using your creativity. This app is called the Drawing Desk.


  • An app where students can doodle, draw and put objects or pictures.
  • You can use this for students to write numbers, draw sets and even solve math problems

Happy Teaching!

Do you have more lesson ideas to share? Feel free to share here.


Note: No harm was done to the children during the conduct of the activity. Photos were taken with parents’ consent and with permission that these will be posted on the blog for the sole purpose of sharing instructional strategies and materials. Should there any be issue or concern regarding any of the photos, thepublicschoolteacher.com is willing to remove the photo/s.

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