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Last summer, I enrolled my 2-year-old daughter Aisha to the Summer Zoofari Program of the Galileo Enrichment Program, specifically in the Cagayan de Oro Campus located in Brgy Macasandig.  The Summer Zoofari Program gives an overview, a glimpse of what is like to be part of the Galileo Little Explorers Program, a program for toddlers ages 1.5 to 3 years old. In the 2 months of sending my daughter to the center, I was very much impressed with their program. Here are 5 reasons to like about the Galileo Little Explorers program.

1. Varied, multi-sensorial activities

I am very much aware that children at this age are very explorative. They use all their senses to explore their environment and learn. It is also at this time when children begin to move, experiment and imitate the elders. In Galileo Little Explorers, they provide a variety of activities to which the children learn by doing. They make use of their hands, feet and their body. They jump, “cook”, dance, sing and crawl. Though they follow a procedure or routine, there is something new each day, an activity they that can look forward to when they come to the center. They also organized a field trip wherein they were able to concretize what they have been learning in school.



2. Though fun, they practice discipline.

Most of the kids at the toddlers age tend to become manipulative at some point and they are very active. It is quite normal for them to move around and like to get what they want. In Galileo, they follow a routine where children can expect on what to do every after activity. I specifically like it that every after free play, the teachers guide the children on packing up. When it’s pack up time, it’s really pack up time. All toys and other materials are to be returned. The teachers are firm on this rule.


3.The Learning Environment is clean and free from distractions.

The teachers only produce what the children will need in every activity. Materials that are not needed are kept so the children can only focus on the activity. Also, children are to wash their hands every before and after meals, they remove their shoes, they wear apron and hairnet for activities involving food, and others.



4. Direct Feedbacking and Rewards

This is the fun part for parents. It’s really nice to see the outputs of our children being displayed for everyone to see. By this, we can also see their progress and see what they have been doing in class. Also, the teachers are very approachable. We can talk to them after class and they would be willing to give feedback regarding the progress of our kids. I also like that our children are given the Galileo star, a stamp on their hand for a job well done. My daughter would always show her star to me every day! 🙂


These are just some of the things I like about Galileo. It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to enroll this school year due to a transportation problem and conflict of schedule but if given a chance, I would really love to enroll my daughter again.

I highly recommend the program to all parents. They also have Math and English programs for ages 3-12 years old. For more details and queries about their programs, visit Galileo Cagayan de Oro at Paladio Bldg., Tomas Saco corner Capt. Edrote Sts., Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City or call 0917 542 7752 or visit their website for the complete list of centers.

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