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When you are an Elementary Public School Teacher in the Philippines, you would know the agony of teaching MAPEH, especially Music. There would be two basic reasons why it’s hard to teach this subject: lack or no content mastery among us teachers and the lack of equipment in schools. The first reason is mostly true to us teachers because Music is really technical by nature and most, if not some, teachers like me don’t have a background on it. The Curriculum Guides, especially for higher grade levels, contain note-reading, time signatures, and concepts of music such as melody and rhythm. The second reason has been a recurring problem in public schools ever since and we know that music is best learned through accompaniment.

But we can still do something about it by using our mobile phones or tablets and a speaker. There are a lot of piano apps that can be downloaded for free and can be used offline. Connect your phone to a speaker for the class to hear.  I personally like to use this in class to avoid confusion in terms of tone and pitch and that I am able to somehow teach the songs from the Curriculum Guide almost perfectly.  My most favorite is the Perfect Piano for the following reasons:

  • Single , Dual or Multiplayer

You can choose to play on single mode or with two pianos. Or you can play simultaneously with another person (this is better for bigger tablets).


  • Record

You can also record your piece in advance or record your lesson so you can review on it the next day. Just click the recorded file from the Records List. You can also choose different modes such as piano, music box, guitar string, etc.


  • Learn to Play

This is the part that I like the most. You can learn how to play music by playing a game. You just follow the notes that will show and press the right key. You may choose from the list of songs provided and the level of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard).


Go download the app and try it in class! I’m sure your students will enjoy just like how my students enjoyed it too!

Download from Google Play:

Download from the App Store:

Happy Teaching!

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